Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tidak beriman salah seorang di antara kalian hingga mencintai saudaranya sebagaimana ia mencintai dirinya sendiri.

Here is the Press Release of the Indonesian Government strongly condemning the atrocities launched by Israel in Southern Lebanon on Sunday, 30 July 2006:

31 Jul 2006 11:31
The Indonesian Government strongly condemns the criminal act of Israeli forces that goes beyond humanity
(No. 53/PR/VII/2006)

1. The Indonesian Government strongly condemns the criminal act that goes beyond humanity that was perpetrated today by the Israeli forces in its air strikes in Qana, Southern Lebanon. It has reportedly caused the death of 54 innocent civilians, 37 of them are children.
2. This indiscriminate Israeli military aggression is a gross violation of international laws, including humanitarian law that clearly prohibits the targeting of civilian populations (non-combatants). This criminal act has blantantly been conducted in contravention of universal humanitarian values.
3. The Indonesian Government once again urges the United Security Council that has the mandate and responsibilty of maintaining international peace and security, to halt the Israeli military aggression without delay, to immediately enforce unconditional cease-fire, and to open access for humanitarian assistance, including medicine and foods to the Lebanese that are in dire need of such assistance.
Jakarta, 30 July 2006


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